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Airline and Airport On-time Performance - February 2009 Report
March 3, 2009
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US Carriers - February 2009 Numbers
Performance Comparison at the World's 50 busiest airports
North American Airport Performance
European Airline Performance Report
About These Reports
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FlightStats is an airline, airport, and travel information service provided by Conducive Technology Corp. On our Web site at, visitors can get flight status, track flights, view on-time performance ratings by flight or by airline, check for current airport delay and weather information, and much more.

FlightStats provides global flight status information and is the definitive source for historical airline performance data. Conducive Technology is also a leading supplier of air travel information services to travel agencies, logistics professionals, airlines, airports and industry analysts.
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US Carriers - The February 2009 Numbers
In February's calm before the early March snow storms, US Airlines managed to get over 80% of their flights to the arrival gate on time. 21 of the 37 airlines we tracked for this report exceeded the 80% rate and some of them were a surprise. American Airlines made that list showing a significant improvement over its 2008 performance.

The top five US airlines for on-time performance in February were:

  • Hawaiian Airlines - 90.95%
  • Shuttle America - 87.29%
  • Chautauqua Airlines - 87.14%
  • Horizon Air - 86.03%
  • Southwest Airlines - 85.65%

After Southwest, Northwest was the top performing major airline with 82.22% of its flights arriving on time. Here's how the other majors performed - Delta 82.21%, USAirways 81.85%, United 81.38%, American 80.05%, and Continental 77.6%,

The five worst performers in February were:

  • Colgan Air - 73.49%
  • Freedom Airlines - 72.91%
  • Great Lakes - 72.28%
  • Champlain - 70.68%
  • Air Wisconsin - 70.34%

Here are links to this month's detailed US airline reports:
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Top 50 World Airports -
February 2009 Arrival & Departure Performance
Asian airports continued to dominate the top five performance slots in February while US airports settled to the bottom five among the World's 50 busiest airports. Tokyo Haneda (HND) led the pack for the fifth straight month with 89.11% of its flights arriving on time.

The rest of the top five included:

  • Houston (IAH) - 87.49%
  • Jakarta (CGK) - 87.05%
  • Amsterdam (AMS) - 86.56%
  • Singapore (SIN) - 86.49%

The hardest airports to reach with an on-time flight in February were:

  • New York (LGA) - 66.93%
  • Istanbul (IST) - 63.30%
  • San Francisco (SFO) - 61.38%
  • Newark (EWR) - 58.52%
  • London (STN) - 58.01%

This month's airport reports includes both arrival and departure performance information. Download the reports for the ACI/IATA top 50 World Airports here:
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North American Airports -February 2009 Arrival and Departure Performance Report
Oakland (OAK) stayed at the top of the list for North American airport performance list by getting 88.3% of its flights to the gate on-time. Rounding out the top five were:

  • Houston (IAH) - 87.49%
  • Memphis (MEM ) - 87.10%
  • Tampa (TPA) - 87.03%
  • Baltimore (BWI) - 86.77%

Canadian airports (Toronto, Montreal) joined Newark (EWR), San Francisco (SFO) and New York, La Guardia in the worst on-time arrival category.

Newark (EWR) had the worst on-time performance for the fourth straight month among the 40 busiest North American airports in December with only 58.52% of its flights arriving on time and over 23% delayed by 45 minutes or more.

This month's report includes departure performance information along with the arrival data. Download the reports on North American airport arrival performance here:
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European Carriers - February 2009 Arrival Numbers
For the fourth straight month, Binter Canarias was the only major European carrier to exceed the 90% mark for on-time arrivals with 97.35% of its flights arriving within 15 minutes of published schedules against an average for the group of 75.79% for February. Other top performers included:

  • TUIfly - 88.98%
  • Tyrolean Airways - 88.73%
  • KLM - 88.01%
  • KLM Cityhopper - 87.76%

Among the major European carriers, KLM led the way at 88.01% followed by SAS at 83.87%, Deutsche Lufthansa 81.45%, Air France 75.69%, and British Airways at 73.82%.

Download the reports on European carrier arrival performance here:
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About These Reports
These on-time performance reports for worldwide carriers and airports are generated from FlightStats Analytics. We track the performance of over 150,000 flights per day, archive the data for analysis and publication, and provide real time flight status to millions of travelers world wide each day.

In other words, no we don't have someone at the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) leaking information to us. We gather it ourselves in real time and archive the data for analysis and reporting.

The BTS numbers are usually published a month later than ours, are based upon different data gathering techniques, and built from slightly different data sets.

  • BTS reports only on US airlines and airports. FlightStats gathers data world-wide
  • BTS airline performance reports are based upon data reported by 19 US airlines, 18 of which constitute 1% or more of total domestic scheduled-service passenger revenues. FlightStats reports cover 45 US airlines and are based upon data gather in real time from a variety of sources including the US FAA, airlines reservation systems, direct feeds from airlines and airports.
  • BTS US airport performance reports are based upon information provided by the 32 U.S. airports that account for at least 1 percent of the nation's total domestic scheduled-service passenger enplanements. FlightStats equivalent reports are based upon archived real-time data covering the top 40 (i.e. busiest) North American airports.
  • Both BTS and FlightStats reports include information on the percentage of flights that arrived on time, were cancelled, were diverted. FlightStats breaks down the delays into 3 categories - late (15-29 minutes late at the gate), very late (30-44 minutes), and excessive (> 44 minutes). BTS simply reports that a flight is late (15 minutes or more).
  • FlightStats has more current data based upon real-time reporting. BTS data is published approximately 5 weeks after the close of a month as it relies on the airlines to file historical reports.
  • BTS also reports on baggage issues, passenger numbers, customer complaints and the causes of flight delays. FlightStats does not.

The articles in this issue include links to reports you can download with detailed performance data on the world's 50 busiest airports, US major airline performance, North American airport performance and European carrier performance.

We also track departure performance and can provide many different views into the data. Let us know if you need something in particular.

You may republish any and all data included in this report. We ask only that you attribute the data to and include a link to if you publish the data in any form online.

You can expect these reports in the first week of every month. If you'd like to unsubscribe to this list, please use the link at the bottom of this email to do so. There is a "send to a friend" link at the bottom of this message that allows you to forward this message in its entirety to your colleagues.

If you want to dig a bit deeper, please contact David White or Brad Exline
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