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Airline and Airport On-time Performance - September 2010 Report
October 4, 2010
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North American Carriers - September 2010 Numbers
Performance Comparison at the World's 50 busest airports
North American Airport Performance
European Airline Performance Report
Major Asian Airline Performance Report
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FlightStats provides global flight status information and is the definitive source for historical airline performance data. Conducive Technology is also a leading supplier of air travel information services to travel agencies, logistics professionals, airlines, airports and industry analysts.

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Smooth Sailing in September - On-time Arrivals at 82.6%
N. American airlines posted a 82.58% on-time performance in September, up slightly from August 2009 but down three percentage points from September '09. Cancellations matched August's 1.06% but were up significantly from last September's mark of 0.65% (8,723 cancellations in Sept. '10 vs. 4,472 in '09).

North America's top 10 performing airlines in August were:

  1. HA Hawaiian Airlines - 95.28%
  2. FL Airtran Airways - 90.77%
  3. AS Alaska Airlines - 89.55%
  4. YV Mesa Airlines - 89.01%
  5. UA United Airlines - 88.93%
  6. PD Porter Airlines - 87.4%
  7. G7 GoJet Airlines - 86.76%
  8. JIA PSA Airlines - 86.75%
  9. US US Airways - 86.63%
  10. QX Horizon Air - 86.61%

Alaska, US Airways and United all scored above the N. American average and led the majors. Southwest continues to slip down the ranks of major carriers.

  • Alaska Airlines (3rd overall) - 89.55%
  • United Airlines (5th overall) - 88.93%
  • US Airways (9th overall) - 86.63%
  • Continental Airline (15th overall) - 85.62%
  • American Airlines (27th overall) - 81.78%
  • Delta (28th overall) - 80.98%
  • Jet Blue (30th overall) - 78.56%
  • Southwest Airlines (31st overall) - 78.5%
  • Air Canada (35th overall) - 75.92%

Here are links to this month's detailed US airline reports:
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Top 50 World Airports -
September 2010 Departure Performance
While Tokyo Haneda had the best on-time departure performance among the world's 50 busiest airports, US airports claimed 8 of the top 10 positions with Charlotte taking the number 2 spot.

  1. HND Tokyo, JP - 92.69%
  2. CLT Charlotte, NC - 87.74%
  3. IAH Houston, TX - 87.01%
  4. BKK Bangkok, TH - 86.87%
  5. MCO Orlando, FL - 85.81%
  6. SEA Seattle, WA - 85.52%
  7. PHX Phoenix, AZ - 85.1%
  8. MSP Minneapolis, MN - 85.87%
  9. IAD Washington, DC - 84.3%
  10. DEN Denver, CO - 83.75%

The average among the top 50 airports was 75.24% up from 70.62% in August.

The 10 airports with the lowest on-time departure performance for scheduled commercial flights included:

  • LGW London, GB - 62.98%
  • IST Istanbul, TR - 62.56%
  • SIN Singapore, SG - 60.67%
  • MIA Miami, FL - 60.33%
  • MAD Madrid, SP - 59.91%
  • DFW Dallas, TX - 58.27%
  • MAN Manchester, GB - 48.99%
  • CAN Guangzhou, CN - 43.55%
  • PVG Shanghai, CN - 42.75%
  • PEK Beijing, CN - 38.72%

Download the reports for the ACI/IATA top 50 World Airports here:
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North American Airports - September 2010 Departure Performance Report
Portland, Oregon's PDX airport had the best on-time departure performance among major North American airports. All of the top 10 managed to get over 85% of their flights off within 15 minutes of their scheduled departures against an average for the group of 80.01%.

  1. PDX Portland, OR - 88.64%
  2. CLE Cleveland, OH - 88.62%
  3. MEM Memphis, TN - 88.08%
  4. CLT Charlotte, NC - 87.74%
  5. IAH Houston, TX - 87.01%
  6. TPA Tampa, FL - 85.95%
  7. MCO Orlando, FL - 85.81%
  8. SLC Salt Lake City, UT - 85.8%
  9. SEA Seattle, WA - 85.52%
  10. PHX Phoenix, AZ - 85.14%

Miami and DFW remain at the bottom of the list of the top 40 North American Airports for on-time departures.

36. ORD Chicago, IL - 73.45%
37. LGA New York, NY - 71.44%
38. JFK New York, NY - 65.84%
39. MIA, Miami, FL - 60.33%
40. DFW Dallas, TX - 58.27%

Download the reports on North American airport departure performance here:
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SAS Continues to Lead European Majors in On-time Arrivals
Northern European airlines continue to outperform other European airlines. SAS and KLM again represented the European majors in the top 10 performing European carriers:

  1. NT Binter Canarias - 94.97%
  2. A3 Aegean Airlines - 94.4%
  3. SK SAS - 93.19%
  4. WF Wideroe's - 91.13%
  5. VG VLM Airlines - 91.03%
  6. WA KLM Cityhopper - 90.92%
  7. DY Norwegian Air Shuttle - 89.84%
  8. XM Alitalia Express - 89.46%
  9. AY Finnair - 88.23%
  10. KL KLM - 86.52%

Download the report on European carrier arrival performance here:
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Major Asian Airlines Performance Report
JAL Express and its parent JAL helped Japanese airlines continue to lead the way among Asian carriers in on-time arrival percentages. JAL Express was one of only two carriers we tracked that exceeded the 95% mark in on-time performance in September (Hawaiian Airlines 95.38%).

  1. JC JAL Express - 95.06%
  2. PG Bangkok Airways - 93.64%
  3. EH Air Nippon Network - 92.72%
  4. JL Japan Airlines - 91.4%
  5. NH All Nippon Airways - 90.77%

Note: Our coverage of Asian carriers is limited due to a lack of available data sources. We listed only those carriers for which we have statistically significant gate departure and arrival information. If you don't see your airline listed here or would like to see a more complete representation of your data, please contact to arrange for a data exchange.

Download the report on Asian carrier arrival performance here:
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About These Reports
These on-time performance reports for worldwide carriers and airports are generated from FlightStats Analytics. We track the performance of over 150,000 flights per day, archive the data for analysis and publication, and provide real time flight status to millions of travelers world wide each day.

In contrast to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) on on-time performance which are filed with the BTS by the largest US airlines, we gather it ourselves in real time and archive the data for analysis and reporting. This enables us to cover a larger list of airlines and airports and to issue reports within a few days of the end of the reporting month.

  • BTS reports only on US airlines and airports. FlightStats gathers data world-wide
  • BTS airline performance reports are based upon data reported by 19 US airlines, 18 of which constitute 1% or more of total domestic scheduled-service passenger revenues. FlightStats reports cover 45 US airlines and are based upon data gather in real time from a variety of sources including the US FAA, airlines reservation systems, direct feeds from airlines and airports.
  • BTS US airport performance reports are based upon information provided by the 32 U.S. airports that account for at least 1 percent of the nation's total domestic scheduled-service passenger enplanements. FlightStats equivalent reports are based upon archived real-time data covering the top 40 (i.e. busiest) North American airports.
  • Both BTS and FlightStats reports include information on the percentage of flights that arrived on time, were cancelled, were diverted. FlightStats breaks down the delays into 3 categories - late (15-29 minutes late at the gate), very late (30-44 minutes), and excessive (> 44 minutes). BTS simply reports that a flight is late (15 minutes or more).
  • FlightStats has more current data based upon real-time reporting. BTS data is published approximately 5 weeks after the close of a month as it relies on the airlines to file historical reports.
  • BTS also reports on baggage issues, passenger numbers, customer complaints and the causes of flight delays. FlightStats does not.

The articles in this issue include links to reports you can download with detailed performance data on the world's 50 busiest airports, US major airline performance, North American airport performance and European carrier performance.

We also track departure performance and can provide many different views into the data. Let us know if you need something in particular.

You may republish any and all data included in this report. We ask only that you attribute the data to and include a link to if you publish the data in any form online.

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