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September 2008 Airline and Airport On-time Arrival Performance Report
October 3, 2008
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US Carriers - the September Numbers
Performance Comparison at the World's 50 busiest airports
North American Airport Performance
European Airline Performance Report
About These Reports
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US Carriers - The September Numbers
US Airlines continued to improve their on-time performance numbers in September posting better numbers for the third straight month and beating the mark they set in 2007.

The year-to-date numbers tell a similar story among the seven largest US carriers. All improved their performance significantly in September with Southwest and Northwest leading the way.

September numbers were the highest year-to-date with an overall on-time performance over 83.06%. 24 of the 38 US carriers we track postedbetter than 80% on-time numbers for the month. Hawaiian airlines topped the September list at 94.1% followed by Frontier (92.75%), Mesaba (91.21%), Horizon (91.2%), Virgin (90.82%) and Northwest (89.53%).

Here are links to this month's reports:
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Top 50 World Airports -
August Arrival Performance
US airports occupied five of the top six positions in September. Seoul, Korea joined the US airports in the number four position.

Minneapolis delivered the best performance in September among the world's 50 busiest airports with 89.49% of its flights arriving on time. The rest of the top six included Detroit (89.39%), Phoenix (89.13%), Seoul, Korea (88.11%), Seattle/Tacoma (87.72%), and Orlando (87.5%).

London Stansted (62.85%), JFK (65.06%), London Gatwick (65.98%), Philadelphia (69.15%), and Rome (69.54%) had the five worst performances among the top 50 world airports.

Download the reports for the ACI/IATA top 50 World Airports here:
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North American Airports
Salt Lake City kept its summer streak alive by again posting the best overall on-time performance rating among major North American airports with 92.37% of its flights arriving within 15 minutes of their schedules. Oakland (90.89%), San Diego (90.51%), Portland, OR (90.2%) and Chicago Midway (90.08%) rounded out the top 5.

JFK still owns the bottom of the list with a 65.06% on-time arrival rating for September. Philadelphia (69.15%), La Guardia (71.61%), Newark (73.33%), and Chicago O'Hare (75.24%) joined JFK among the five worst performing airports. It should be noted that all but PHL posted significantly better numbers in September than in August.

Download the reports on North American airport arrival performance here:
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European Carriers
SAS Norway and Binter Canarias continue to duel for the lead among European carriers with a very impressive 92.6% and 91.6% on-time ratings. Scandanavian Airlines System turned in the best performance among the larger carriers at 85.75% followed by KLM at 85.31%.

Download the reports on European carrier arrival performance here:
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About These Reports
These on-time performance reports for worldwide carriers and airports are generated from FlightStats Analytics. We track the performance of over 150,000 flights per day, archive the data for analysis and publication, and provide real time flight status to millions of travelers world wide each day.

The articles in this issue include links to reports you can download with detailed performance data on the world's 50 busiest airports, US major airline performance, North American airport performance and European carrier performance. The data includes the percentage of on time arrivals and gives details on the percentage of flights that arrive late (15-29 min), very late (30-44 min), excessively late (45+ minutes), average delays, maximum delays, cancellations and diversions.

You may republish any and all data included in this report. We ask only that you attribute the data to and include a link to if you publish the data in any form online.

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